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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winding Down

I've been looking forward to getting back home to Waterval Boven, to relax, recover and reflect on the happenings of the last few weeks. But instead of winding down quietly, this weekend has been a celebration with friends. Birthday gifts, braais, watching WC soccer, dogs, bikes, trails and good times! I've been overwhelmed by all the congratulations and questions, the interest in the race, my bike, my gear, its been amazing! Unlike last year after the tandem ride, when I couldn't get back on a bike for 4 months because of injuries, this time I've been psyched to get riding again and being able to do that with all my riding mates, on my local trails, has been great, the perfect way to unwind.

1 comment:

  1. Glenn, what an awesome weekend. I'm sure you're happy to have your house back to yourself :-) Thanks for your patients with the little monster! Can't believe that 4 hours ago I was in Boven and now I'm at my desk working. Damn!