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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're rolling

A cool morning in Pmb and away we go. Hit the dirt at Bisley Nature Reserve and had to dodge dump trucks working on the road, really dusty and spoilt our fun a bit. Road clear now and heading to Byrne village for tea. Weather perfect, no rain as predicted just overcast and cool. Riding with Aussies Tim and Bec, they're also on Giants so we're a little team.


  1. Go Glenn go!!! Thought of you when I woke up in chilly Jhb at 6:30 this morning. You were already on the road for half an hour! Bren and I are rooting for you!

  2. So you're on your way Wollie! Awesome man, going to be extra cold tomorrow!!! Keen to hear your report on the Hella Hella climb which you're doing as I type this in the comfort of my office! Ride Strong. Steve