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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 15: Anysberg to Kasra

153km/14hours. Left Anysberg quite late and immediately the wind was a factor and it blew the rest of the day. In the morning it was a gusting crosswind which made it hard to ride straight. Dropping down to Montagu, the terrain became more dramatic with higher mountain ranges and more greenery. Was quite wierd riding back into civilisation with cars, trucks and tar roads again. Had lunch at Montagu Hotel and caught up on blogging (no reliable signal in the last 300km) The short, usually easy next stretch to McGregor saw the strongest winds of the day gusting straight at me, often meaning getting off and walking. An extra 90min here meant having to do the Coeniesrivier portage in the dark, which proved tricky and took up valuble sleep time. Sleeping at Kasra tonight with plans to go early enough to still make it through Stettynskloof to the finish at Diemersfontein by tomorrow evening. Good night all.


  1. thx for the regular updates - i can't concentrate properly at work before i've caught up on your (and everyone else's) progress - so thx for keeping up my productivity :)

    almost there!

  2. Good night Glenn, sleep well, best of luck for the day ahead, hope that it ends at Diemersfontein. Dig deep, almost there :-)

  3. congratu-freakin-lations!!!!!!!!!!!