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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 2: Allendale to Ntsikeni

100km/15 hours. A long hard day that's almost done, I'm sending this from the top of a hill where there's signal, still a few km's to the lodge, which I can see in the distance, where signal is bad. I started out at 3am with the intention of getting past Ntsikeni and staying at Banchory farm, an emergency stop over on the way to Masakala but things started going wrong early on. When I left Allendale it was minus 7 deg and I was struggling to control the bike down the first technical singletrack, so lost some time there. Then the navigation caught me out before Donnybrook and again before Centocow. By midday I was already a few hours behind schedule. I've also been battling with nausea most of the day, so my pace slowed to a crawl. The last climb up to Ntsikeni has been a killer and I'm dead tired from all the walking again today. The wise thing to do is to stay and rest up for tomorrow. Signing off now, fingers starting to freeze!


  1. Sterkte Boet! Sorry you had such a tough day! Tomorrow will be better. You'll only see the comments tomorrow but I hope you're going to refuel, shower and then straight to bed! No 3AM starts tomorrow you hear?

  2. Hope the night's rest sorted out the nausea. Best of luck with tomorrow!

  3. Still plenty of time to catch up a day or two. Maybe the easier start pace will be a blessing - it was with us! You and your light bike will cruise Lehana (I'm sure the snow will have gone by then....?)

  4. 7 hours ago:

    >>Just crossing the Underberg/Swartberg tar road. Feeling much better today. Thx for all the messages of support.

    Rock on!