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Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 10: Van der Venterskraal to Bucklands

154km/13.5 hours. Lost my tracker, wasted time looking for it, so only left around 8 and eventually found it lying on the road 500m from the house! First stretch to Toekomst a singlespeed nightmare, had to push the bike a lot. Rocky, sandy, thorny tracks were hard work. Stubborn puncture eventually sealed after plugging it. Lunch at Toekomst was tasty. Got a bit confused getting around Darlington Dam and weather turned unexpectedly warm in the afternoon. Stopped at Draaifontein farm to refill water and eventually got to Bucklands around 21h30. Saw lots of small game, nearly got taken out by a buck jumping into the road. Had to cross many fences and locked gates, sometimes tricky on your own! (Dropping into the Baviaanskloof at Cambria tomorrow, not sure when next signal available so sit tight for next 2 days reports).


  1. you making a habit of being taken out by buck - glad you missed this time - enjoy the baviaans!

  2. excellent reporting FORREST!

    keep up the CHARGE

  3. That fence climbing is something else! Good thing you have a background in rock climbing for scaling that monster! Keep it up, AMAZED at the distances you're travelling each day!

  4. Great shot of the bike climbing its way over that monster gate.